Pollution and it’s control

Globally, there had been a serious quest to alleviate environmental pollution over the years. On the contrary, due to increasing population and advance in technology, even more pollutants are being introduced to the environment. Is there any way out?

We can’t give a satisfying answer to the question above without the understanding of the facts about pollution.

Pollution in it’s simplicity, can refer to the contamination of the environment. In a broader scope, it comprises the level of contamination such that the environment is unfit for human health. Substances which cause pollution are known as pollutants.


Majorly, pollution can be classified as;. βœ“ Land pollution βœ“ Water pollution βœ“ Air pollution and βœ“ Noise pollution. For the purpose of this article, we might pay little attention to this aspect of pollution. The first three types of pollution implies the contamination of the land, water and air respectively. Noise pollution occur when the environment is filled with irregular and discomforting sounds.

Some of the causes of pollution among others include the following; Burning of fossil fuels, agricultural activities, mining activities, construction and demolition, factories, industries and volcanic eruption. Obviously, pollution is being caused by humans and nature.

Pollution has done more harm than good in affecting our normal lifestyle. It disturbs the ecosystem and balance in the environment. These effects might advance to it’s peak making life more horrible. Notable effects of pollution are; global warming, acid rain, contaminated water, unsafe habitat for aquatic animals, soil erosion, stinking dirt on soil surface, ear problem and physiological disorders.

The aforementioned effects draws our mind to the fact that pollution, any of those categories, is a serious threat to human health. Most people suffer from different fatal diseases as a result of environmental pollution. In fact, most patient’s illness is directly or indirectly related to pollution. Some of these diseases are, asthma, lung cancer, cholera, diarrhoea and physiological issues like stress, high pretension and hearing impairment.

The adverse effects of pollution calls for effectual remedies. There is an uproar to minimize pollution to it’s lowest level. Therefore, let’s look at some useful control measures of pollution:

Control of pollution

1. Waste management, this can be based on the ‘3Rs’ reduce, recycle and reuse. This practice enables the reuse of mostly solid waste such as metals and plastics.

2. Excessive and undesirable burning of vegetation should be avoided.

3. Automobile engine should be improved to favor complete combustion of gasoline and diesel oil. Also, use of other source of energy other than fossil fuels should be promoted.

4. Non-combustible solids like glass, tins and ash rubbish if not useful again should be gotten rid of by landfill method in shallow depths.

5. Government should endeavor to sensitize the public on the dangers of environmental pollution and encourage them to prevent it.

6. Sanction driven legislation should be made and implemented.

7. International agencies should ban the public use of high toxic pollutants such as lead, mercury and organ chlorine pesticide. Local authorities also have a bit of their role here to enforce such regulation.

8. Biological control should be developed and promoted in agriculture to relinquish the use of harmful pesticides, fungicides and herbicides

9. Agencies should be organized to monitor and ensure conservation of marine resources.

10. Pollution explosion should be on the check through scientific, administrative and social measures.

In conclusion, pollution has greatly contributed to many environmental anomaly and pose great threat to human health. Effective control measures can make our environment free from pollution.


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My favorite farm animal

My favorite farm animal is poultry bird. These virtuous creatures are not only beautiful but also have vital nutritional and socio-economic values.

Poultry birds may be broilers and layers or local birds. Their colour makes them very attractive. Majorly, poultry birds produce meat and eggs which avail us with quality and cheap proteins. Feathers used in textile industry are also their remarkable product.

Poultry birds lay and hatch their eggs after three weeks. I cherish the care and affection of mother chicken as they feed, defend and provide warmth for their helpless chicks. Modern poultry farm creates better environment where birds receive quality feed, constantly kept warmth and secured.

Poultry production and management is Capital affordable. It is a source of employment for most poor farmers all over the world. Poultry farm waste might be disgusting. However, proper sanitation and compost recycle can be useful cleansing measure. Poultry birds are seldom killed by disease infestation, but proper care, sanitation and vaccination can ameliorate the condition. Culturally and religiously, poultry farming is tolerated.

In conclusion, my favorite farm animal is colourful and beautiful couple with the beauty of care and affection to their young. Poultry birds have agricultural, nutritional and socio-economic values.

Jenny’s morning; is there anything better than a happy home?

Jenny among her siblings would love to complete her home work before going to school each day. Mummy is so fond of her. Each moment in the house, Jenny’s presence often makes everyone excited.

“Daddy I like to go early to school today”, Jenny told her father, Mr. Jim. “I love that sweetie”, daddy replied. Mr. Jim had to drive Jenny and her two siblings, Paul and Deborah, to school everyday before going to work.

Mummy was done with the breakfast. She invited the kids to take their meal. “Mummy this is delicious” Deborah giggled. Everyone nodded in affirmation. Mummy is a good cook. This is not the first time she receive such compliment from family and visitors. “Thanks my girl” mummy smiles at her last child. ” Alright kids, time to go!” his seat make such a loud noise on the floor as daddy stood up. Everyone else hurried to join him.

It was Thursday, the games day. Jenny was so delighted to appear in her games attire. Purple jersey with white canvas to match. Paul was first to jump into daddy’s Toyota Camry car. Mr. Jim majestically entered his car. Deborah and her brother smiles at daddy as he take a glance at his back seats. As usual, Jenny was in front seat with daddy. “Can we go now” daddy questioned as he fix his safety belts. “Yes daddy!” the kids loudly chorus. Even mummy, who was then standing in front of the door could hear them. Mrs. Jim waved at them with deep smiles of affection as the car zoomed off!

“I love my family” Jenny whispered in her heart

You need to know “How to survive severe trauma”

Awhs, it’s over😭😭


What is Trauma?

For the purpose of this article, trauma refers to severe and lasting emotional shock and pain caused by extremely upsetting experience which may cause psychological damage. In other words it’s the response of a person to a highly stressful event. Such events as rape, accident, war and disaster.

This overwhelming shock can affect a victim’s ability to cope, cause feelings of helplessness, deters self will and the ability to gain control of one’s emotion. Although, not everyone develops trauma after stress while others may develop a short or long term trauma.

Types of trauma.

Psychological trauma can be grouped into three based on the the severity of exposure to stress.

Acute trauma; this happens to a person in a one-time touch with stress event.

Chronic trauma; A person experience this type of trauma due to prolonged and repeated exposure to a particular stress and shocking event. A good sample of this is child abuse.

Complex trauma; at this level a victim has been susceptible to multiple and highly stressful event.

Vicarious/transfer trauma; trauma at this level can be seen as transferable condition. Oftentimes, family members, friends and health personnel of a trauma victim might end up in the same shock.

Many factors surrounds how a trauma victim can respond and recover from it. This factors will determine whether the symptom of the condition will be mild or sever. Such factors include past experiences, their background, approach in handling their emotion and presence of other mental disorder.
Potential causes of trauma

A wide range of events can resort in trauma. Some of these events are;
Natural disasters
Chronical illness
Physical, psychological or sexual abuse
Robbery attack
Bereaved of one’s ex (loved one)
Broken relationship
Failure in an exam or long sought-after interview.
And what have you?

Traumatized persons develop some response ranging from emotional to physical response. Although, these response differ in individuals. Such physiological or emotional responses include among others sadness, denial confusion, anxiety, fear, depression, hopelessness and difficult concentration.

On the other side, physical response are sweating, headache, fast heart beat, fatigue and hyper arousal where such person becomes unnecessarily alert as they relive the traumatic event. This condition is so overwhelming that some people may resort to substance abuse.

Traumatized persons might develop some mental health problems known as the Post Trauma Symptom Disorder (PTSD). This includes; avoidance and isolation behavior and even as serious as considering suicide.

Effective steps to live on after trauma:

It’s important to note that potentially, anyone or everyone can experiences trauma at any stage in life. If you fail to do anything about the condition, it’s possible you may be making matters worse because you will end up in mental disorder like the PSTD.

How do I manage myself or anyone around me who is in trauma:

Understand that it’s normal to feel the way you do. There is no need trying to avoid them. Just give yourself time to heal.

Do well to take good care of yourself. Take good food, sleep well and do physical exercise.

Lean on your loved ones and feel free to talk with them about your experience.

Be patient even when you feel you can’t move forward again. This is a very useful approach because obviously, trauma might take time to heal.

Be engaged to what you love doing like listening to music, spending time gazing at nature, playing games and so on.

Visit health professionals for therapy and advice. They can tell you what to do and what not to do. Moreover, they can administer treatment to traumatic stress through psychological therapy.

In summary, although no one can avoid trauma, the condition can however be properly managed. Life must go on no matter what happens. Research reveals that one’s life surprisingly becomes better after a traumatic events.

The human mind is so powerful, it controls every desire, feelings and emotion. Obviously, nothing happens without the consent of the mind. Sometimes, events and situations around us can trigger a complementary reaction which often results in action. A boy who received a noble price for academic excellence will suddenly become very excited and proud of himself. Similarly, a man can become dejected for losing his job. The latter leads to a kind of stress to the mind and if not careful handled will deteroriate to psychological issues. This leads us to the concept of trauma. How can we help to keep our mind sound even after stress?

Hope this post was useful? Feel free to make contributions.



Shining stars

The beauty of the universe is super amazing. Each gaze on my natural surrounding make me marvel at the splendor of things I could see. Right there above the sky lay the bright stars. In the night they shine their bright and golden light.

The sun and moon are giant bodies that gives light and energy to the earth. But, the tiny light of the stars is unique. Stars are too numerous that it can take eternity to number them. Shining so bright above the sky yet giving it’s little illumination to the earth when the moon fails to give light.

Do you think you like the stars?

Discovered a new site

Research is a fun when followed with passion. There is pleasure in making a new idea out of one’s exploration. Although, talent is a necessity in the web, tool is quite indispensable.

Google is a powerful search engine. Amazing research and discovery are made on daily basis in this super app. Ranging from professional, scientific to personal quest. It’s very easy to access the Google, but, yet I had been on a serious desire to create my own blog page. Honestly, it wasn’t a fair tour. However, my inquisitiveness was satisfied when I discovered WORDPRESS!

At first I found it puzzling to use. Not yet familiar with it’s terms and regulations. I am proud I finally found and created my personal blog site. Indeed, this research leads to discovery that made my day.